Don’t Just Settle for ‘Sold’

Get The Greatest Value On Your Biggest Investment With Proven Strategies Tailored To Your Needs

Whether it’s a primary residence or investment property, selling your home can be a complex process. The guidance of a skilled and highly knowledgeable team will help you get the results and returns you deserve.

Of course, you want to sell for as much as possible. But there are often other motivations that factor into how and when you sell your home. At Real Compass, we understand that every client has different needs. So when we sell your home, we design our approach to be centered around YOU, the way it should be.

Your Personalized Action Plan



During our consultation, we’ll establish a timeline and outline a sequence of actions specific to your particular property, situation and goals. My team and I will then personally handle and/or guide you through every stage of this customized plan to ensure a seamless, stress-free sale.


Property Positioning

As an expert in the Ottawa real estate market, I know exactly how to prepare your home in order to optimize its value proposition. I also know how to market your home in order to target potential buyers that will yield the best offers for you.


Customized Pricing

When it comes to pricing, I start by providing a detailed assessment of your property’s market value based on an in-depth analysis. From there, we will discuss various pricing strategies and together chart a path that will get you to your goals, smoothly and efficiently.


Online Marketing

As part of our overall action plan to increase the value of your home and maximize its exposure, My team will develop a digital advertising campaign that strategically targets potential buyers.


High-level Negotiating

When the offers start coming in, that’s when I put my years of experience to work and hash out the best deal possible for you, the client.

Thinking of selling or just curious to see what you could get for your property? Call or email me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about your home’s value in today’s market and beyond.